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Living the dream! Local 804 retiree Howard Seras and wife Marjie at their retirement home in South Carolina.

Who hasn’t thought about how great it will be to finally retire? Local 804 members work hard for their retirement benefits—pension, 401k, and health. Preserving benefits is always a top priority in contract negotiations. Careful planning will go a long way toward enjoying a happy and secure retirement. That’s why Local 804 provides members with free professional financial planning. Read how we helped one of your own achieve their retirement goals.

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Understanding Your Pension

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Retire 804

We specialize in providing financial education and guidance for our clients and their families as they navigate their way through the process of retirement planning. From pensions and social security options, to annuities, IRAs, and 401k rollover strategies, we’re there to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Retire 804 understands that all retirees will face certain risks, such as health care costs, inflation, investment risk, and longevity. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that your financial plan considers these risks, and provides a strategy on how to minimize them.
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Consider us your guide to a safe and happy retirement. To get you there we’ll review your current and future assets, liabilities, insurance policies, and other legal documents so we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your plan, and make recommendations.

Savings Strategies

Where do you want to be when you retire? In order to get you there we develop a high-quality financial plan to move you toward your goals. The plan will ensure your assets, income, expenses, and liabilities are all considered and working toward both your current and future goals.

Set Up Your 401(k)

Here’s a secret to success. One of the best and easiest ways to save toward your retirement and ensure your financial security is through a 401(k) plan. We’ll teach you about the many benefits of the 401(k) option. Click here to get started today.

Take action toward your goals by contacting Halliday Financial today. We’ll set up a complimentary meeting to make sure you understand your options, and ensure that your important financial planning questions are answered.

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