Are You Really Ready to Retire?

Are You Really Ready to Retire?

In this video, we discuss an experience we had with Howie, who was a package driver in the Mount Vernon building. Howie attended a seminar with Retire804 and, equipped with the information he gathered, began to envision life in retirement. He had already begun to put the wheels in motion to retire with his company and even put his house up for sale. Fortunately, before things became finalized Howie took advantage of Retire804’s one-on-one meeting, which is offered to every member as part of the seminar.

Find Out If You Are Ready

On a Saturday morning, we drove up to Howie’s home and, after going over the totality of his finances (e.g. pension, debts, assets, etc.), it was our duty to inform him that he was not going to be able to retire comfortably quite yet. If he were to retire immediately, as were his plans, he would have to find another job later in life to subsidize his income. Before we were asked to leave his house—he was devastated by the news—we advised him to remove the listing and stop the paperwork to make his retirement official. We were unsure if he would listen to us, but we knew he needed to hear the truth.

A few months later, we received a call from Howie asking to meet up again. He wanted our assistance finalizing a plan to move to South Carolina. It took 3 or 4 years longer than he had wanted, but we are happy to report Howie is in South Carolina; retired, comfortable, golfing, and probably tan!

Rethinking Retirement

Early in life, many of us begin to create a timeline for ourselves; marry at 25, buy a home at 35, retire at 65. Retire804 knows that even the best-laid plans can be derailed pretty quickly. Retire804 was able to help Howie retire and, more importantly, stay retired. Take advantage of our seminars and one-on-one classes to ensure you are on the right track to retirement.

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